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Expanded Spam Prevention

As part of our most recent updates we have been working towards keeping networks Spam free. While we have tried a range of Captcha Methods, these methods do not keep out 100% of the spammers.

We have added a new layer of protection that checks content added by members for spam characteristics.  When this is detected the offending member account will be flagged as a Spam account account and their access restricted.

New Trusted accounts
We do understand and are aware that some accounts will get flagged by mistake. Thus we have a new account type called Trusted. You can flag any member account that has been marked a spammer as a trusted member.


We know its been awhile since our last major update. But we do have a few new updates in progress that will be released very soon (End of the Month)!

The new updates include;

New Member and Group Profile system. We plan to give the site administrator more control over how profiles and groups work and are laid out.

Pay your members for referring subscribers. As an ad on to the current member subscription system you will be able to pay your members for referrals! This feature we hope will help sites drive more paying members.


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